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Duran Tree Service provides professional tree care and emergency tree and stump removal services in Portland and nearby cities in Oregon. Homeowners and businesses trust us for prompt, affordable professional tree cutting services. We safeguard and maintain all types of trees and shrubs, regardless of size, location, or condition. We plan and lead each project with experienced crews. Don’t take it from us — read what your neighbors are saying about our services! We know tree care like no other tree service company. Our residential and commercial clients not only get expert tree cutting, tree trimming, and tree pruning services — they get exceptional expertise concerning every aspect of tree care. Services We Offer: 🌳 Tree Removal 🌳 Feeling unsafe with a tree that’s too close to your home? We offer tree removal services and take care of any trees you no longer want around. Duran Tree Service was built on providing affordable tree removal services. We care for and remove even the most monstrous of trees, as well as more modestly sized trees and shrubs in any condition or location. Our professional crews are highly trained and well-equipped with the tools and resources to provide the safest, and most efficient solution for your needs. To minimize the loss of trees and shrubs, sometimes tree removal is the only choice for diseased, injured, insect-infested, or storm-damaged trees. We specialize in removing trees of all sizes and conditions. Our experienced team consists of highly trained climbers and state of the art equipment — with the ability to handle tree removals of any size with ease! 🌳 Tree Trimming & Pruning 🌳 Are your trees looking unkept due to overgrown branches or leaves? We’ll help trim them to that perfect length to reduce the risk of falling branches, and maintain the strength and beauty of your tree. Due to our extensive knowledge, all Duran Tree Service crews are professionally trained and qualified to do tree trimming, fine hand pruning and select pruning of even the most sensitive plants. Our expertise in pruning and trimming trees and shrubs controls the form and growth habit of the plant — encouraging healthy fruiting and flowering. 🌳 Additional Tree Services 🌳 Stump Grinding / Removal: Dealing with an unsightly stump that you just want gone? We can grind or remove your stump with ease — without making a mess. Cabling & Bracing: Worried about a weak tree? Our cabling and bracing services will reduce the risk of failure and provide a stable foundation for your trees. Check out our Google reviews! Check out our Home Advisor reviews!

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"Excellent cleanup. The yard and areas not associated with the trees trimming were cleaned up leaving my property in better shape than before their arrival. Pricing was very competitive. I will use them again in the spring for another tree trimming project. Neighbors have since used them based on my experience and price"

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West Linn, OR

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